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  • Jason Hesley

Cuban Black Metallers MEPHISTO Drop New Lyric Video 'Burning Fantoft!

June 06th 1992 the Fantoft Stave church was burned to the ground, the first in a string of church burnings by members of the early Norwegian black metal scene. The year is now 2021 and with it comes a world polarised by warring factions, immersed in societal chaos with its citizens deeply embedded in factional hatred, all whilst praying at the altar of their false gods.

An uprising is coming!

A bellowing war cry sits in the parched and hoarse throats of true believers, each one calling for the destruction of the old religious orders that have enslaved the populace for too long.

My vengeance comes through the flames The northern sky is covered with a purple mantle Of ashes flying through the air See the pathetic seat of decadent beliefs Burning down to the earth  This is the judgment day, the end by fire Fire in the nocturnal sky I hear the screams of the slaves Being embraced by the flames They scream as they burn, They scream!

Mephisto are Cuba’s longest running Black Metal band proving persistence pays off. Signed to Italian label WormHoleDeath in 2020, “Burning Fantoft” is the 7th Lyric video to be pulled from their full length album Pentafixion.

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