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  • Jason Hesley

Cromlech to release "Ascent of Kings" on March 3rd!

Prepare your ear holes for Cromlech's unique blend of epic Barbarian war doom and traditional heavy metal. A blend that maintains the essence and sound of classic acts of the 80s. From the highly varied, rousing vocals to the onslaught of killer riffs and hooks Ascent of Kings will have you hooked from start to finish. The band expertly blend elements from both genres in away that keeps each track feeling fresh and exciting. The inclusion of folk elements gives the album an extra dramatic flourish and richness of sound but is employed tastefully, so as to not overpower the album or feel gimmicky. Each epic track takes its time to slowly unfurl before the listener, slowly expanding its range of sound as it tells its captivating tale. Much like the greats that came before Cromlech understand how to weave together a gripping narrative. The band almost take on the role of bards as they talk of times passed and acts of valor and honour. Most importantly, while the band's sound is rooted in tradition,they don't feel like a worship band in any sense. They've managed to work such a diverse range of influences together that it feels completely fresh and innovative. Yet at the same time feels as if it could have been releases around the same time as Epicus Doomicus Metallicus or Into the Depths of Sorrow.In summary, if you enjoy music with a throwback sound that demonstrates contemporary levels of innovation and technical proficiency, then Ascent of Kings is a must listen.

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