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  • Jason Hesley

Croatian Rock/Metal band RAPID STRIKE have signed with Wormholedeath!

Croatian Rock/Metal band RAPID STRIKE have signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the release of their self-titled album "Rapid Strike". "Rapid Strike" will be available on all digital platforms on 26/03/2021.

Band statement:

After a successful tour in Japan with Nightrage, and a European tour with Black Star Riders, the band decided it was the right time to take a step forward, despite the unpredictable circumstances around the world. "Rock and Roll can't stop. "Right now, when it's hardest, we want to give the most of ourselves" said the band's founder and leader Hrvoje. "The first step was signing a contract with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of our new album, including a special Japanese edition. The final release date is 26.03.2021." Rapid Strike is intensively preparing for concerts, as soon as the epidemiological situation allows it. Very soon, at least three promo videos for as many as three singles will be released.

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