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  • Jason Hesley

CRITICAL FEAR: traditional Thrash/Crossover group from the interior of São Paulo releases new music!

After releasing the acclaimed single "Warrior", which had great acceptance from the public and views on Youtube, the group Thrash / Crossover Iracemápolis / SP, Critical Fear, releases its newest music video. It's "Breaking the Chains."

"Breaking the Chains" retains the characteristics of the quartet, namely the pure Thrash / Crossover set in the 80s, but served in the current mold. Recorded and produced by Franco at Casarão studio in Piracicaba. According to Perci Moraes, vocalist and guitarist, "the lyrics address the "The need to confront the forces of international economic domination, which enslave humanity in search of profit. Throwing millions into misery."

The song is part of the album "A Real Danger", released in November 2022. Distributed by Mutilation Records and Thrash or Death Records

On the road since 2008, Critical Fear has released an album, "Conflicts," their 2011 debut, as well as demos and singles. With several presentations around the country, he consolidated his name in the national Thrash / Crossover scene with fidelity to the style, being one of the great representatives of the genre in Brazil. Today, in addition to Perci Moraes (guitar and vocals), the band is formed by Fernando Freak (guitar), Alexandre Moraes (drums) and Anildo Ravi (bass).

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