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CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX are now unveiling the names of their friends, guesting on the forthcoming new album ‘Ellengæst’, which is set for world wide release on October 9, 2020. New music and the pre-order kick off will be shared on July 28.

Mastermind Justin Greaves comments on the collaborations: “It’s been such a pleasure to work with some very fine friends on this album, lending their amazing vocal talents to give life to some music. It was important to us to do something meaningful, only inviting friends who we or I have connection with.Doing a couple of tracks with Vincent was a no-brainer, after we got chance to spend some time together when we played in Poland, it was clear that we would do something. We had such a laugh, and also at the studio, we enjoyed it so much because it was so relaxed and natural.

Getting to know Gaahl on a personal level has been a great journey, touring with him several times now has given us the chance to have those late night conversations. I can’t remember how it came up but this song seemed appropriate for him to sing with Belinda on. I definitely thought it would be good to do a slow melancholy song and the result proves Gaahl is a man of many hidden sides.

Ryan now feels like part of the extended CBP family after he kindly stepped in on bass on our Great Escape tour, pulling double duties every night with his own solo band Fotocrime. So I really wanted to come together again to do something righteous in music that will live forever. He sings about his beloved cat Willie who sadly passed away, and at the same time we lost one of our cat family, Nell, and more recently our old dude cat Tigger left us too. So this song means so much to all of us and Ryan expressed that so perfectly in a way we (Belinda and myself) can relate to.

I connected with Suzie when we did a song on the Jeffery Lee Pierce Project album, one which we did the music and Suzie sang on it along with Tony Chmelik (Cypress Grove) and Mark Lanegan. So it was really cool to connect once again on this album, she came and sang along with Ryan and also did some wicked guitar too! She’s definitely a like-minded soul so it worked really well.

Jonathan joined us for a tour performing his solo music, it was a treat for us to witness him every night. We got along very well and we had such a chill tour, also with Earth Electric who were on that one too. Then I spent a long tour with his band Tribulation when they toured with Gaahls WYRD, and we had a connection which led to us working together on “The Invisible Past”. Jonathan is just simply the perfect voice for that song, it’s not an easy song to sing on, but he treated it so well and gives it the magic vibe it was waiting for.

Also joining the CBP core-members Belinda, Helen, Andy and myself, our (now-ex) longtime live drummer Ben Wilsker did drums on “Everything I Say” and “She’s In Parties”. And our CBP family member Rob Al-Issa (who was also my Electric Wizard bandmate) played bass parts across the album. Always a pleasure and a blast to have those guys along with us”

Friends & Guests ‘House Of Fools’ – Vincent (lead vocals) with Belinda (backing vocals) ‘Lost’ – Belinda (lead vocals) with Vincent (backing vocals) ‘In The Night’ – Gaahl and Belinda (duet) ‘Cry Of Love’ – Ryan (lead vocals) with Suzie (backing vocals) ‘Everything I Say’ – Belinda (vocals) ‘The Invisible Past’ – Jonathan (vocals) ‘She’s In Parties’ – Belinda (vocals), Suzie (Guitar)

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