• Jason Hesley

Criminal launches lyric video for new single, “Live on Your Knees”

On September 17th, Criminal will release their new album, Sacrificio, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of Sacrificio, a lyric video for the new single “Live on Your Knees” can be viewed at:

Anton Reisenegger (vocals/guitars) comments: “‘Live on your Knees’ is the opening track and also the first track Danilo and I wrote for the album. It’s probably one of the fastest and most brutal songs on the record. Its late 90s death metal and hardcore vibes punch you straight in the face and don’t let go. The lyrics are a message of freedom and independence in these times of turmoil and uncertainty. Ben Liepelt did a killer job with the lyric video, and we can’t wait for everyone to see/hear/feel it!”

The video for the previously released single, “Zona De Sacrificio” (directed by Carlos Toro of Abysmo Films, who has previously worked with Kreator, Arch Enemy, Rob Halford, etc.), can also be seen at: – where Sacrificio can be pre-ordered.

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