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  • Jason Hesley

CRÈME FLESH to release CASABLUMPKIN on May 5th!

Welcome my friends to the show that hasn’t ended yet; the carnival bizarre that is the absurd and ugly human race. Steeped in horror we flail our way through life, tripping over the suppurating entrails of our sins and mistakes – pausing to attempt copulation with the stinking mess because, well, why not? Watching cartoons while the world burns, blocking our arteries with excess fat while children starve, shrugging with helpless, witless disinterest in the face of plague and poverty and yet exploring every possible degrading perversion with fevered imagination, boundless enthusiasm and relentless ingenuity. All hail mankind! The sniggering, autoerotic asphyxiating, anally obsessed, callously savage primate guardians of the earth!

Rarely have absurdity and brutality been as utterly entwined, hilarity and horror so successfully conjoined as in the twisted embrace of Canada’s Crème Flesh. With their debut album, the ludicrously titled Casablumpkin – a name that will bring a smile to the faces of fans of FX’s Archer adult animated sitcom – the Ontario slammers have adorned their organ-rupturing brutal death metal madness with farcical humour and preposterous wordplay. It’s a disorientating juxtaposition as irreverent intros slide into some of the most punishing slams, mutated riffs and monstrous vocals imaginable. Like serial killers in fancy dress or the undead in drag, these songs are out for blood despite their trappings of jollity. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix’ has a license to dissect, destroy and decimate anyone and everything that far outstrips 007’s simple permission to pull the plug on enemies of the state, while ‘From Russia With AIDS’ is a gurgling grotesquery of diseased death, armed with riffs to flatten cities. Behind Casablumpkin’s red nose and painted smile lurks some serious savagery and merciless, murderous intent. Crème Flesh are the reason people are scared of clowns.

Backed by the power of Comatose Music – the standard by which all bludgeoning music is judged - Crème Flesh will unleash the bawdy brutality of Casablumpkin on May 5th. The eleven tracks of cackling carnage come adorned in sepia toned artwork that blends an explicit depiction of the album’s title with some world weary mockery of the iconic film it alludes to. Casablumpkin is the ultimate invitation to smile while you’re killing, so sharpen those knives and get ready for the party to start.

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