• Jason Hesley

Corners Of Sanctuary Drop New Video "Casualties Of War"

The new EP by Corners Of Sanctuary, "Blood And Steel: Volume Two," releases on August 6th on RFL Records. The first single and video, "Casualties of War," are available below.

Band Founder Mick Michaels is available for phone, Zoom and Streamyard interviews; you may contact me to schedule.

Philadelphia's Corners of Sanctuary drops new video for "Casualties Of War"to open upthe second edition of the two-part EP Collection titled "Blood and Steel: Volume Two" which drops on August 6th via RFL Records. The follow-up to their critically acclaimed first installment, "Blood and Steel: Volume One," hailed as the band's most dynamic effort yet, Volume Two has some big shoes to fill, but is definitely up to the challenge.

View The "Casualties Of War" Video Here:

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