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  • Jason Hesley

Colorado's Oak, Ash and Thorn Weave Ancient Tales With Music Video For “Praise Unto the Immortals”

Forged in the mountains of Colorado, Oak, Ash, and Thorn have been spinning epic tales set to melodic death metal since 2018. They have released their second album “To Gaze On Stars of Frost” and now have a music video for the single “Praise Unto the Immortals” ready for eyes and ears. The EP was received well by listeners around the world who appreciated the soaring guitar solos, harmonized vocals, and maturity the band has developed since their previous effort. They explain how their music continues to improve:

"The EP is very special and very meaningful to all of us in Oak, Ash & Thorn. It represents a culmination of the first era of this band, the first three tracks being proper recordings and reworkings of some of our earliest songs. It also serves to mark our path forward, with our first forays into vocal harmonies, and a seriously blazing guitar solo on "Suspended and Frozen" courtesy of Fabian Jiru (Trollfest/Fleshmeadow). The subject matter for most of these songs, meanwhile, is intensely personal to Adam, the vocalist/lyricist, dealing with the death of his father, isolation/addiction, and heartbreak, all through the lens of pagan metaphor. The music reflects that, and it's more somber on the whole than May Every Altar Linger. We remain rooted in melodic black/death metal, but there are more dynamics on display here, more shading, and we feel that these recordings are a distillation of our musical essence, what we've always been about, and where we're going.

Lyrically, “To Gaze On Stars of Frost” is about the old gods, the ancestors, and the struggles that come along with being human. Musically it’s very melodic with three-part harmonies and plenty of blast beats. A formidable group, Oak, Ash, and Thorn stands out from the pack with Cierra White’s unorthodox drumming, Adam Armstrong’s dual clean & growled vocals and the layers of interweaving strings from Erik Hoffman and Jason Harding. The single “Praise unto the Immortals” is about the old gods of the world: the elements. Earth, air, fire, and water, and all their many forms. Musically, it invokes feelings of nostalgia and longing, layered with a healthy dose of aggression.

The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Fabian Jiru (Trollfest/Fleshmeadow) who also provides a solo on the track “Suspended and Frozen”. The album artwork was done by Adam Armstrong.

Unique and orchestral, Oak, Ash, and Thorn provide a flurry of highs and lows set into a wide range of emotions that are both soothing and inspiring to listen to. They are recommended listening for fans of Borknagar, Tyr, and Immortal.

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