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  • Jason Hesley

COFFIN BREATH release "The Tenebrous Mist"

And thus, the corpses rise… Lurching from hidden tombs unknown, the malodorous COFFIN BREATH are here to spread malaise and misery with "The Tenebrous Mist", their debut offering of ancient filth. Not merely old school but timeless, the combination of wretched, dire riffage, splintered bone percussion and vocals like strips of flesh being torn from an undead throat will drag you clawing and howling to your grave as these two agonizing tracks of haunting, cavernous death-doom relentlessly pulverize your spirit and corrode your will to live. Each track splits apart like a pustulent wound on a reanimated corpse, slowly peeling open to let all the sickness of the world pour in a reeking, black, viscous torrent of loathing and hopelessness upon us all… Releasing Friday 13th August 2021 on black shell cassette via cult label Seed Of Doom, there will be no escape from "The Tenebrous Mist". Let the black miasma of everlasting death consume your soul. Life is a sickness… but the dead are free. Tracklist:

01. Marching into Lethargy 02. The Tenebrous Mist

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