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  • Jason Hesley

Claustrofobia releases new video “Stronger Than Faith”

Longstanding Brazilian death / thrash metal trio CLAUSTROFOBIA, formed in 1994 by brothers Marcus and Caio D'Angelo, boasts of a career spanning nearly three decades, a discography comprising six full-length albums and a DVD release, a multitude of international tours, high-profile live performances sharing stages with the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer and Anthrax ... and countless fans all over the world.

Now headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Claustrofobia has released their seventh full-length studio álbum ‘Unleeched’, and to promote the new work, they debut the music video for the disc's opening track “Stronger Than Faith''. About the song, Marcus D’Angelo says: “Undeniably it's the most powerful song on the album, I love the Brazilian flavor into the traditional thrash/death riffs, and this becomes more evident when the drumming attacks the song in connection with the bass".

Faith is a word misrepresented by world society, always confused and/or associated with religion. We have to believe in our steps regardless of the unknown future, but it's not enough to just have faith, we must have devotion to sacrifice, be a volunteer in the battle to conquer, tame your own demons that chase us as if it's centurie's darkest cult”.

Made entirely in DIY style, this video is filmed on the Nelson Ghost Town at the historical Techatticup Mine and directedand edited by drummer Caio D’Angelo. It's the oldest, richest and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada - U.S.A. All promotional photos were taken in Nelson Ghost Town, and the intro of the album has the sound of an abandoned piano that was also filmed in front of a chapel in Nelson.

“Shooting the music video for this track in the same location was a unanimous choice within the band. That place has an incredible and strong energy”, said Marcus D’Angelo.

Produced by Adair Daufembach and Claustrofobia, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Adair Daufembach in August 2020 at Northwood Sound Studio in Los Angeles, ‘Unleeched’, was released by Metal Assault Records on March 11, 2022 on digital and physical formats.

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