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  • Jason Hesley

Check Out PARIA Official Music Video for New Single, "Venerate"!

In celebration of 20 years of their unique sound of Progressive Thrash Metal, PARIA, formerly of Black Market Activities / Metal Blade, has released the official music video for their newest single, "Venerate." Featuring current footage mixed with the best footage from the early 2000s, collected from old friends and fans and digitized, "Venerate" showcases the band's incredible stage presence and high energy instrumentation.

"Venerate" was recorded and mixed by Jim Homan and mastered by Brad Boatright with the music video directed by Aaron Gum, and is off of the band's upcoming new EP.

"Paria has always been a band that consistently grows and matures, but stays true to creating our own signature of heavy music. With each album, we’ve pushed ourselves to creative and technical limits, but I believe Venerate is the most focused and aggressive album we’ve ever had.” - Dustin Treinen (Bass)

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