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  • Jason Hesley

Check Out ARMORED DAWN new Single & Music Video, “S.O.S.”

Brazilian Progressive Metal band ARMORED DAWN has blazed back onto the scene with their single and music video, “S.O.S.”. Written by Carolina Angeli and the group's former drummer, Rodrigo Oliveira*, "S.O.S." portrays the feelings of a person suffering with depression, who isolation with their pain, believing that no one will ever understand their feelings or what is happening to her.

Mixed by Chris Lord Alge (Muse, Green Day, Nickelback) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Evanescence, Metallica), "S.O.S.: shows a great evolution in the band's sound. The composition, while bringing the characteristic identity that marked the sound of ARMORED DAWN, expands horizons and will surprise those who have somehow missed the band's work.

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