• Jason Hesley

Cesspool Of Corruption to release Debut LP August 6th, 2021: "Requiems Of The Ignominious"

Introducing the debut LP from Cesspool Of Corruption: a young death metal band from Texas honing in on their own particular brand of death that is both fast and technical without ever sacrificing brutality and flow. Well mixed drumming, contempt-filled riffs, old school solos, and a mix of low growls and high screams that work in unison to shout down at society throughout the run-time of Requiems Of The Ignominious. All of this from the very start of the album, there's no messing around with an opener like "Insidious Inheritance", no gimmicks or "intro" track, just straight into the hammering beats and tales of gore from outer space. The drumming from Brennan Shackelford is something else though, it's a really huge part of the album that very much sticks out in a sea of generic death metal drummers right now. It's no surprise that he is also a live drummer for Disentomb among many other bands.

Ignominious: Characterized by or deserving shame or disgrace

The band is available for interview and any reviews will be greatly appreciated. Below is further information regarding the release including a synopsis written by the band directly.

"Insidious Inheritance” is the first single from their upcoming album, Requiems of the Ignominious, and it sees the band going faster, harder, more aggressive, and more technical in all respects to what they did before. This is quintessential tech death, exactly the kind of music that comes to mind when I think about the genre, and it’s a great time. This should strongly appeal to fans of bands like Decrepit Birth and Ominous Ruin, especially if you like a more melodic twist on that style"

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