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  • Jason Hesley

CEMETERY SKYLINE Feat. Markus Vanhala, Mikael Stanne, Santeri Kallio, Vesa Ranta, Victor Brandt Drop "Violent Storm"

"The weather forecast points to a Nordic gothic storm that is rising", says Markus Vanhala (guitar). “The song mood is highly inspired by the late nightly empty roads of Goth-emburg and their desperate stories of loneliness and getting lost to the unique beautiful misery and sorrow of Nordic gothic.” Mikael Stanne (vocals) adds: “It’s about a built-up frustration and how it can get out of hand, the feeling of helplessness and how it can take over.” Santeri Kallio (keyboards) concludes: “It’s a simple, rocky song that represents the band perfectly.”

While you can check out “Violent Storm” on all digital platforms make sure to watch the video that was filmed by Patric Ullaeus (rEvolver Film Company), as it documents a very special moment in the band’s history:

“The video is telling the story of how this weird gang of friends is literally coming together”, says Vanhala and Kallio adds: ”We take a walk through an old cemetery and actually meet as a band for the very first time.”

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