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  • Jason Hesley

Cemetery Moon to release debut album on May 5th!

New England-based black metal band CEMETERY MOON has announced the release of its debut album on May 5, 2023. The band currently has digital pre-orders available on Bandcamp, which includes streaming for “The Bleak Universal” and “Army of Darkness.”

The two tracks show the band’s range of moods, from melancholy and melodic, to violent and ferocious. For times that call for contemplation, “The Bleak Universal” has the riffs and vocal harmonies to provoke all manner of thoughts. But for times that call for destruction, “Army of Darkness” brings the FIRE.

The band’s mastermind, Apparition, comments:

“Over the last several years, a giant wave of raw black metal bands has washed over us. From the outset, I was inspired to try my hand at this style but wanted to incorporate some other elements to give listeners something more. Lyrically, I was originally inspired by old stories of New England and all manner of occult mysticism. over time, however, this evolved into channeling my own experiences and observations about the world. Ideally, you should find a personal meaning in the work that makes it stay with you.”


CEMETERY Moon began in 2015, as Apparition set out as a one-man black metal project. The output was slow and sparse for the first few years, culminating in the demo collection Castle in the Mist. But in 2019, Apparition joined forces with the low-end leviathan Astoroth and began work on a proper album. With the 2021 addition of Langeloth, riff-weaver extraordinaire, the band was further bolstered in its creative power. With a shared passion for black metal, each member brings a set of outside inspirations: Apparition’s affinity for grunge, Astoroth’s progressive metal chops, and Langeloths’ wealth of experience in the punk and hardcore scene. The debut full-length album now complete, CEMETERY MOON stands ready to make a unique contribution to cold, grim black metal art.

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