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  • Jason Hesley

CEMETERY MOON Releases Two Raw Black Metal Demos!

Raw black metal fanatics have a new source to satisfy their endless lust for sonic blood! Connecticut’s own CEMETERY MOON has returned on the heels of a glorious 2023 to unleash Inside the Dark Kingdom in two volumes. Each serving contains five tracks recorded at rehearsals over the course of January and February 2024. When taken together, they contain three new songs — “Temporal Bloodletting,” “The Wretched City,” and “The Black Keep” — along with seven re-recordings from last year’s self-titled debut album.


Apparition, the band’s lead singer and one of its guitar practitioners, elaborates on why the band decided to put these releases together:


“After we released the album last year, we brought on Usurper as our drummer and thus the band was finally a fully-functioning entity. These two demos give the listener a chance to hear the album material with Usurper’s drumming, and provides a taste of what’s to come with the newest songs. It also allowed us to embrace our DIY instincts and put together some material in a spur-of-the-moment fashion.”


He goes on to describe the sound of each volume:


“As these are rehearsal demos, the sound is decidedly raw and stripped down. However, we still took care to make sure everything could be heard and that the spirit of the music would possess anyone who listened. Volume One contains our most brutal and uncompromising material, along with our most progressive and epic song, “Temporal Bloodletting.” Volume Two is the moodier release, one that shows our penchant for introspection and exploration, while still displaying our devotion to black metal art.”


Finally, he concludes:


“More than anything, it allows us to show the world our progression as musicians and performers. All four of us brought so much to the band when we came together, and we’ve already come so far since then. If “The Wretched City” and “The Black Keep” are any indication, we’re just getting started.”


Both volumes of Inside the Dark Kingdom are now available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.



CEMETERY MOON began in 2015, as Apparition set out as a one-man black metal project. Over the ensuing years of stylistic development, CEMETERY MOON would expand into a fully formed band with a self-titled debut album in 2023. The band’s first few live performances overwhelmed audiences with the sheer ferocity and musicianship on display — from Apparition’s scorching vocal delivery and his dual guitar riff barrage with Langeloth, to Astoroth and Usurper’s expert-level displays of rhythmic punishment. Now with two new demos out, a second full-length in the works, and a series of shows lined up, the band seeks to continue its conquests and expand the Dark Kingdom’s borders ever further.

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