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CELTIC HILLS Reveal Tracklisting and Artwork Story of Upcoming Album "Huldufólk"!

"Huldufólk" is the new album by Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS, the band continues to tell and describe their land, but the intention of this new work is to walk the road in a different way! "Huldufólk" is coming out in 2022 via Elevate Records.

Band's singer and guitarist Jonathan Vanderbilt reveals on the album cover artwork:

"The cover was again entrusted to Sheila Franco with the input of drawing a brighter cover, with the predominant green between the green that characterizes the MATRIX movie and the green of uncontaminated nature. A record in the balance between the enchanted world of legends, heroic deeds performed by people who wanted a better world. A record that looks to the past, projecting itself into a future to be built. A passing disc that wants to take past history with it to go further draw."

The tracklisting reads the following:

1 – The Secret of the Grail

2 – Metal Message

3 – After The Eartquake

4 – Hidden Folk

5 - Green Forest

6 – Gate Of Hollow Earth

7 – Living Out Of The Egg

8 – The Sound Of Earth

9 - The Hammer Of Thor

10 - Villacher Kirktag

Bonus track

Words In Out (remix 2022)

Living Out Of The Egg sings by Simone Cescutti

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