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  • Jason Hesley

CELTIC HILLS Reveal Coverart + More Details of Upcoming Album "Huldufólk"!

Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS have finished recording their upcoming album, entitled "Huldufólk", containing 10 tracks + 2 bonus tracks, coming out in 2022 via Elevate Records. It will be the successor of "Mystai Keltoy". After "Mystai Keltoy"'s critical and sales success, writing a new album entailed a great responsibility: following in the footsteps or evolving towards something different?

There are also other news: The drummer Simone Cescutti after this job leaves the band to pursue a career as a singer and guitarist with his own band! So, to greet his fans, he sings a song called "Living out of the Egg". The other texts dedicated to the history of Friuli are "After the Earthquake" which speaks of the strength and courage of the Friulian people in rebuilding the territory devastated by the earthquake of 6 May 1976. "The Gate of Hollow Earth" tells of the legends of the mountains behind the city of Pordenone where there would be a secret entrance to the hollow earth. The album ends with the track "Villacher Kirktag" which tells of the Beer Festival in the city of Villach in Austria where every first Saturday of August Friulian boys go to party getting drunk and harassing beautiful Austrian girls! The text is sung in English with "notations" in Friulian and Austrian.

The album was produced also this time by Michele Guaitoli singer of Temperance and Vision of Atlantis in the studios of the Groove Factory in Udine and for the realization of the cover again the talented Sheila Franco.

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