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CELTIC HILLS Release Video 'Metal Message' from New Album "Huldufólk"!

Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS unleashed their highly anticipated new album "Huldufólk" on April 1st, via Elevate Records, which is receiving praising reviews from worldwide media, and only in a couple of weeks it had gained more than 600,000 listeners on Number1 Music!

Today the band has released a new official lyric video 'Metal Message' from "Huldufólk"

The video was created by Dime - who has worked for Sabaton, Powerwolf, Sodom - of Instagoodpromotion.

"Huldufolk" collects and relaunches the excellent reviews obtained from the previous work. "Huldufolk" is a record with a lot of melody but characterized by the speed that distinguishes Celtic Hills. The album was produced by Michele Guaitoli, singer of Temperance and Vision of Atlantis in the studios of the Groove Factory in Udine and for the realization of the cover again the talented Sheila Franco.

Band's singer and guitarist Jonathan Vanderbilt on "Huldufólk":

"Again this time we will talk about Friuli, and the theory is at work that the location of the American Air Force Base Aviano is used to control an ancient access to the underground world, which has been used by the pagan gods since ancient times. The magical rites of the inhabitants of the mountains and the places where elves, fairies and gnomes once lived among the people are revealed. There are already definitive titles such as The Sound of the Earth in F sharp minor. A text tells how you can use the beneficial energy of the trees at dawn to strengthen your energies, but there will be no lack of historical events that accompany every CELTIC HILLS album."

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