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  • Jason Hesley

CELTIC HILLS' release a New Video 'Villacher Kirchtag'

CELTIC HILLS' New Video 'Villacher Kirchtag' Tells a Photo Story of 30 Years of Drinking at Beer Festival in Villach, Austria!

Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS have revealed a new video 'Villacher Kirchtag', telling a photo story of 30 years of drinking at Beer Festival in Villach, Austria!

Band's frontman Jonathan Vanderbilt shared:

"I think it is time to reward those who purchased our latest album Hukdufolk by revealing that there is an mp3 ghost track inside the CD. A small preview of what you can find on the next disc!

Also, I personally edited a video on the song Villacher Kirktag using my personal photos taken over the years at the party in Austria. As I have always told, I do not live as a rock star, but I live by my ideals and I am the same both on stage and in life! I do not use stage clothes and normal life clothes, I try to be myself always! In the video you see me as you see me on the street ...which is the same as how you see me on stage! The watchword is : Prosit"

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