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  • Jason Hesley

CDN Records Unleashes Canadian Extreme Thrashers KORROSIVE 's New Album "Toxic Apokalypse"

CDN Records has just unleashed Canadian thrashers Korrosive's latest album "Toxic Apokalypse" on CD, which is available at The full-length was released digitally on October 7th of this year. and will also be available on cassette and vinyl in 2023 with its release to be determined at a later date.

Korrosive is an unapologetic, and high-octane headbanging unit that has crushed many mosh pits around their hometown of Toronto, ON, and beyond having shared the stage supporting well-known acts such as Havok, Venom Inc., Narcotic Wasteland, Voivod, Exciter, and Accept.

Korrosive is known for pushing the boundaries with its roots in thrash and meshing elements from more extreme metal such as death and grind to break down wall after wall that enters their path.

On Korrosive's new Album "Toxic Apokalypse", fans new and old alike, can feel the aural brute-de-force on the eight-track blitz of pounding headbanging fury. Even though each song on the album is quite different in a way from the others, it's all uniquely Korrosive. Songs deal with topics of science fiction, armageddon, and “what if” scenarios. For each track on the record, the band pushes them to new levels of velocity and extremity, from 'Fatal Strike', which has a ton of blast beats and solos, yet is still unmistakably thrash, to 'Radioaktive Scourge', filled with pure aggression, unlike anything they’ve released before. From its speed, the lyrics, and the sheer intensity, this song may be the shortest track on the record, but makes the largest impact and it’s over before you know it. And also strongly recommended is 'Hail the Hellfire', perhaps the band's anthem to the entire "Toxic Apokalypse" album. Written as a reflection of the period when the full-length was being composed, this track discusses the brutality of war and the end result of each and every individual involved in its cause, regardless of side.

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