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  • Jason Hesley

CATAFALQUE Release Striking New Single “Possession”

CATAFALQUE are streaming their song "Possession" over at Metal Underground. The track is from their album Dybbuk which will be released on October 13th, 2023 via Aural Music / Code666.


Formed in 2019, CATAFALQUE began as a studio project of disparate bodies nestled in different parts of the UK, trading recordings online. This served as the basis for their self-titled 2019 debut record; the first release on UK label Trepanation Recordings, which quickly sold out on CD and cassette. The project quickly amassed enough material to release a split EP, Memento Mori with US dark ambient outfit CLAWING. After receiving positive reviews in the underground metal press, as well as word of mouth fandom, the demand for CATAFALQUE to meet up and become a functioning live band was met in early 2020, adding live drums to their sound. CATAFALQUE soon embarked on their very first headlining UK tour as a trio just before the pandemic took hold of the world. This coincided with the recording and release of their mammoth double album We Will Always Suffer, which was joint released by Trepanation and Cursed Monk Records.

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