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  • Jason Hesley


CARNIVOROUS FOREST, known for their blackened death metal prowess, is set to release their new album "DOGS AND DEVILS." Led by the enigmatic AMAROK, the one-man project marks its first album since relocating back to Canada from the UK. Comprising twelve tracks and spanning 55 minutes, the album promises a blend of brutal guitars, thunderous bass, and howling vocals.

AMAROK, the force behind CARNIVOROUS FOREST, describes the album as a foray into diverse metal sub-genres. "This album intermingles death metal, black metal, doom metal, goth rock, thrash metal, grindcore, and even touches of synthpop. It's undoubtedly our most experimental work," he shares. The lyrical themes delve into freedom, struggle, and control, offering a reflective narrative.

"DOGS AND DEVILS" tracklist:

  1. Howl of the Chainsaw

  2. Scarlet Insanity

  3. Fox Fangs Flash

  4. Ice Up My Spine

  5. To Be Remorseless

  6. Razed and Ruined

  7. Cold Steel, Colder Heart

  8. Marionettes Begat From Human Flesh

  9. Condemned to Wander the Endless Halls of Madness for All Eternity

  10. Damned in Darkness

  11. When Bullets Fall Like Burning Rain

  12. Controller

The album is set for release on November 24th and will be available on Bandcamp. Fans can also stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and other streaming services. "DOGS AND DEVILS" is a must-listen for fans of Dismember, Testament, and Napalm Death.

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