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  • Jason Hesley

CARNIFIED travels to Askardem with "Carnage For The Gods" EP!

Brazilian veteran death metal Carnified resumed its activities in 2021, taking everyone by surprise with "Nocturna" single. The trio, formed by Dan Loureiro (vocals, bass), Marcos Franco (guitar) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums), is starting a new chapter of its journey with the release of "Carnage For The Gods" EP, now available on all digital platforms.

This new effort brought the challenge of maintaining the level achieved with the single, which had the participation of the unparalleled voice of Sarah Jezebel Deva, the singer known for lending her voice to acts like Cradle of Filth, Therion and Hecate Enthroned.

Guitarist Marcos Franco commented: "We managed to find the balance between the roots of our sound known by fans since the 90s and bring these compositions to the present, with the weight and melodies that we seek to convey our history, or rather, the most suitable way to present our conceptual universe called Askardem."

"We couldn't release songs with a sound level and composition lower than 'Nocturna', so we explored the individual talents of each musician and went to our limit to make two strong, heavy, brutal and deep songs. I'm sure we managed to achieve our goal."

The lyrics of "Carnage For The Gods" present ritualistic and dark scenarios, and to represent them, Carnified explored a mix of chants, growls and clean vocals, where Dan Loureiro's talent shine, while Vicente Azevedo brought folk beats, that combined with the traditional death metal, bring striking and creative elements to his drums.

"The guitars bring our previous compositions back, but adding more chromatic and heavy elements that make a parallel with beautiful melodies and the atmospheric and dark riffs of black metal. We proudly invite everyone to listen to 'Carnage For The Gods' and hope to meet you soon", added Marcos Franco.

Click here to listen to "Carnage For The Gods".

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