• Jason Hesley


After releasing their glorious “Chapel of Abhorrence” debut album in 2018, CARNATION has been on a relentless warpath, conquering festivals and venues across the globe. The Belgian death metal quintet is now ready to unveil the successor to their debut release, which is aptly titled “Where Death Lies”. The album is set to be released on September 18th, 2020 on Season of Mist.

The band will present the very first single of the album on July 8th, 2020. Stay tuned!

Frontman Simon Duson comments: “After two incredible years in service of the “Chapel of Abhorrence”, the time has come to venture forth into a new domain. Tirelessly, we have been building our new aural soundscape for months, and we are now ready to present what the future will hold. Prepare to witness an improved Carnation in every way possible; “Where Death Lies” awaits.”

CARNATION have furthermore revealed the stunning cover artwork for ‘Where Death Lies’ which is again created by the talented Juan Jose Castellano Rosado.

Track-list 1. Iron Discipline 2. Sepulcher of Alteration 3. Where Death Lies 4. Spirit Excision 5. Napalm Ascension 6. Serpent’s Breath 7. Malformed Regrowth 8. Reincarnation 9. In Chasms Abysmal

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