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  • Jason Hesley

Capra Drops New Single / Video, “Human Commodity” (feat. Walls of Jericho’s Candace Puopolo)

On October 6th, metallic hardcore outfit Capra will unleash their sophomore full-length, Errors, via Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records. Maintaining all the elements that made their 2021 debut so compelling – raucous energy, frantic riffs, the from-the-gut lyrics and soul-searing delivery of vocalist Crow Lotus – Capra has stepped things up on this record, with stronger songwriting and a determination to reach the next level. For a preview of Errors, the video for the new single “Human Commodity” (produced by Jai Benoit & Jerik Thibodaux, and feat. Walls Of Jericho‘s Candace Puopolo) can be viewed at:

Tyler Harper (guitar) comments: “We are so honored to have worked with Candace Puopolo on this track. I grew up listening to Walls of Jericho and they were always a major influence on my music. To have a legend involved with what we’re doing is such a rad feeling.”

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