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Canadian Thrash TRISKELYON (ft. Hyperia, Artach members) Release Debut Self-Titled EP!

Triskelyon is a Canadian melodic thrash metal project created by Geoff Waye, guitarist for Artach and Category VI. Conceived in late 2021 as a studio-only project, the first self-titled EP releases on January 25, 2022.

Triskelyon features the contributions of vocalists Pete Healey and Marlee Ryley (Hyperia), along with drum programming by Raul Marques (Burning Torment).

Geoff Waye explains in further detail how the project came to be:

"The project formed in St. John's, Newfoundland. It began because I wanted an outlet for more melodic, yet still savage sounding thrashy metal. I wanted to do this as a studio project so I could get things together myself, which means I can do so fairly quickly if I want to. I did all the songs, wrote the lyrics, and play all the guitar and bass on the EP. I cannot play drums, so I found the fantastic Raul Marques. I wanted the vocals to be melodic so after I had the songs together I asked my vocal god friend, Pete Healey, to do some vocals. I sent him what I had and he was into it and you can hear him on tracks "Hunger" and "Find A Way". The last puzzle piece for the EP is Marlee Ryley – the very versatile vocalist for the killer Canadian band Hyperia. I took a shot in the dark and introduced myself and asked if she'd like to guest on the EP and she agreed to be on the closing track "Odyssey (Blessed by Steel)"

Today, in support of the debut EP's release, Triskelyon is unveiling their lyric video for EP opener "Hunger", a track that starts with no buildup just straight into the fun speedy thrash riffage.

"This was also the first song I wrote for this project. After I had it written and got the drums done, I knew I was onto something. The song is about a hunger for change in the world. I am not a fan of the way the world is heading in terms of politics, divisions, and how stuck in their ways and traditions people are. The chorus line “It's the time for the fearless to rise. A hunger for change in their eyes.” gets to the theme and heart of the song's idea." adds Waye.

EP stream and download available at

EP Trailer -

Track Listing:​ 1. Hunger (2:58) 2. Find A Way (4:03) 3. Odyssey (Blessed by Steel) (3:32) EP Length: 10:34

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