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  • Jason Hesley

Canadian Sci-Fi heavymetallers ALLAGASH put out their “Dark Future” on a green cassette!

Allagash are a quintet, from Newfoundland, Canada. Formed 2015, initially designed as a side project centred around aliens and unsolved mysteries, specifically pertaining to the Allagash abductions, the plan was to release a vinyl album, via crowdfunding. The plan worked. Cassette tapes were added. Everything sold out fast, including additional band merch. Allagash created a new EP, ‘Canadian Encounters’ (2018). Subsequently, the following positive acclaim brought gigs performing alongside renowned bands Voivod and Anvil. Raw Skull, from the Netherlands, then re-released their material, on CD, throughout Europe.

This, their 2nd album, ‘Cryptic Visions’, was launched in 2019.

Fast forward to 2022. Allagash put their, originally shelved, 2016 demo as the 3rd album out. Initially an independent cassette, it’s awaiting the release date via renowned Marquee Records.

All songs written by Allagash except Critical Mass by Nuclear Assault All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by The Sumerian at Sobeys Bag Studios Artwork by Daemorph

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