• Jason Hesley

Canadian progressive thrashers SKYHEX drop another single off their sophomore album.

The Quebec natives are gaining notoriety with their theatrical approach to thrash metal genre. While the music is still aggressive, it does contain elements known from the cult Gothic band Devil Doll, as well as another underground favorites, Japanese Jurassic Jade.

“Till Out Of Gas” shows the band more straightforward. The single heralds the release of “Brave The Grave” on June 18th.

The record will be available on all streaming services, as well as in physical form.

SKYHEX is a Canadian metal band based in Quebec City. The band was formed in 2011 by a bunch of friends who all had a similar passion: metal music of all kinds. The members all have different influences, from Death to Heavy, from Doom to Hardcore, from Prog to Thrash and even Punk. This is what makes Skyhex a colorful and unique band.

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