• Jason Hesley

Canada's Mütherload to release Ü on July 9th!

After two years of creating and crafting their sound, along with being local opening support for touring bands Threat Signal, Green Jëllo, Beyond Creation, and The Blood of Christ, the quintet is now ready to present their first offering in the form of an EP entitled “Ü”, out on Friday, July 9th. The EP is a six-track introduction of Mütherload’s thrashy, groovy, melodic death sound and recommended for fans of Lamb of God, In Flames, Mastodon, Opeth, Tool.

“The Ü EP is our first step back into the metal scene after years of silence. We feel this small collection of music represents the focus that we’ve developed as a band in our songwriting for the first time in years. Musically, we’ve stretched our reach into new territory with open tunings, and more space for vocals. This EP deserves to be played loud, so crank it up!” adds guitarist Patrick Davison.

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