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  • Jason Hesley

Canada's Iron Kingdom Now Streaming New Album “The Blood Of Creation”

The electrifying quartet of Canada's Iron Kingdom have a hot new album “The Blood Of Creation” ready for release and can be heard in full at

“The Blood Of Creation”, the band’s fifth, is not a concept album, but it does have a trilogy about the creation myth from the ancient Mesopotamians. It tells the tale of Tiamat and Marduk and the creation of the heavens, the earth, and mankind. This story is known as being one of the oldest, if not the oldest known story from mankind. The band comments on the album:

“Our music is best described as if Iron Maiden and Judas Priest had a child and raised it on Hammerfall, Helloween, Rush, and, Blind Guardian. With this album, we feel like we’ve merged the more straightforward approach of our last record ‘On the Hunt’ with the storytelling and epic quality of our earlier releases. We took advantage of the forced hiatus from shows and spent the longest on writing that we have for any of our previous efforts and feel like it’s really paid off. The pandemic also brought us a new drummer to solidify what we feel is our strongest lineup yet and his influence is felt on this record. This album shows the level of maturity we have reached as songwriters as well as musicians while maintaining what makes an Iron Kingdom release.”

According to the band, they expect that this new offering will be very exciting for fans old and new. They have caught the essence of all the previous albums into one killer new package, there are fast songs, mid-tempo bangers, and even an epic. They’ve put the time into getting this album just right and it shows.

“The Blood Of Creation” was completely self-produced, written, and recorded. The album was sent out for mixing (Andy Boldt) and mastering (Greg Reely), but they handled everything else. vocalist/guitarist Chris Osterman engineered the record with some help from the band and some friends (Dan Yakimow, Jeff Black).

With “The Blood Of Creation” listeners can expect the usual mix of fantasy and history-inspired songs that aim to entertain and at least lightly educate about past events and beliefs. They are recommended for fans of Queensrÿche, Riot, and Iron Maiden.

The band will also be hosting a now sold-out release party for their release day on Nov 4th at Wise Hall in Vancouver. For more info, please visit the following link here.

The album “The Blood Of Creation” is available as of November 4, 2022.

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