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Callous Hands to drop The Great Unknown, Single on June 22nd!

Dan Carter <>


'The Great Unknown' the new single from Birmingham Metallers, Callous HandsThe Great Unknown, the second single from Callous Hands new EP ‘Trapped In Animated Flesh’. The Great Unknown is anthemic and one that played live is guaranteed to have the audience’s fists in the air. Formed in 2019 and immediately making an impact with some of their first shows including the finals of Coventry’s Bloodstock’s M2TM, forging on with support slots to Memphis May Fire & Ashen Crown the band released their debut EP. in 2021 Earth Mover which was recorded at Initiate Audio & Media. Kieran Slater, the bands vocalist has said “'The Great Unknown' capsulates the key themes of the EP”. ‘Trapped in Animated Flesh’ touches on big subjects such as, the unique spirit of human endeavor and all that is revealed of the human condition in extremis, and the threat of death being a driving force to survive. The inspiration for the lyrics comes from different sources, Kieran goes on to say it comes from ”my own experiences, books I've read, or documentaries I've watched. It could be a thought that comes to me and it sticks and develops over time so it's hard to say this particular song was inspired by x,y or z.” Hence the title, The Great Unknown. The Great Unknown, although brutally heavy, has a positive message, it is a homage to determination and hope in a seemingly hopeless situation or time. Kieran’s main message he would like to put forward from this song is that “Despite however bad things may seem, where there is a will there's a way.” ‘Trapped in Animated Flesh’ was recorded at Initiate Audio and Media by Neil Hudson. Artwork by Dan Wynne-Jones Sketch Work design.

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