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  • Jason Hesley

Cabrakaän’s Mexican Infused Metal Burns Bright With “Fuego”

Originally hailing from Mexico, metallers Cabrakaän now call Calgary, Canada home. In their signature sound, they take folklore from their homeland and wrap it up into a heavy and intriguing package that will catch the ears of metalheads everywhere. This year they are releasing an album “Aztlán”, a thematic album centered on the Spanish conquest - colonization and the defeat of Mexico’s Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán. The second single off this album is “Fuego”, a story about premonitions and nightmares that were experienced by Aztec people about the Spanish conquest. The band explains more:

“It is based on the “First Bad Omen” of 7 that happened in the decade before the Spaniards’ arrival in 1521. In this omen, there was a fire that burned in the sky every night for a year, shaped in a way that made the sky look like it was bleeding. Musically, it is hard-hitting, melancholic, dark, and energetic all at once.”

In a fusion of fast-paced melodies, enchanting harmonies, and heavy-hitting rhythms, “Fuego” (The Fire) is based on the recorded history of seven bad omens that Aztecs believed were warning them about the future conquest.

Marko Cipäktli and Pat Cuikani developed Cabrakaän’s initial concept to create music that reflected and reinforced their cultural roots. Over time, they developed a sound based on their shared musical interests: death metal, classical music and opera, and traditional Mexican music, with a strong desire to express and share their country’s folklore through heavy music. In the past, Cipäktli and Cuikani’s lyrics have engaged with Aztec and Mayan mythology. Lyrics from their upcoming album will engage with a mix of themes related to the Spanish conquest and mythological concepts like Mictlan, an Aztec concept of the underworld. “Aztlán” is recommended for fans of Eluveitie, Nightwish, and Amon Amarth.

Watch the music video for “Fuego” at

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