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  • Jason Hesley

Burgûli's release "Odi des de la fi del mon"

Odi Des De La Fi Del Món is the fourth music offering by Burgûli, and the first one to be released by Wormholedeath. The EP is entirely sung in Catalan language, one of Kondea's mother tongues (the other one being Spanish). As he explains, "I didn’t see why not to use it since there are many artists singing in their mother tongues. The album talks about the recurrent themes of the band: darkness, hate, rage, and misanthropy. Odi Des De La Fi Del Món is, like my previous album, about how I feel in this world, and how I feel related to this species called human beings. Burgûli is me, so every album is a representation of me."

Kondea plays all the instruments and writes all the lyrics for Burgûli. He also handles the artwork and the production of his albums. He describes his music as "a way of expressing myself and my feelings towards this world and this society. I don't care about fame, I just want to create something that reflects who I am and what I think."

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