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  • Jason Hesley

Bulgaria’s STORM Unleash Uplifting Speed Metal Single “Here I Am”

Bulgaria’s Storm is releasing a new single “Here I Am”, their third one following Angel (2019) and Sulza (2020). It is a sleek speed metal offering characterized with melodic vocal lines presented often in harmonies, laid against swift tempo and heavy riffs.

According to the band, “Here I Am” is a look inward, where Mihail Bonev (bass, vocals) reflects on coping with personal problems. Compared to the other singles, which are more melodic and slow, this one is, as the band remarks, more sophisticated and accurate. They continue to explain the track:

“We are evolving in playing as well as in producing, which is great. 'Here I Am' is the clearest example so far of what kind of a band we are, in the sense of music. This song best reveals the essence of our music - both the lyric side and the powerful side. We really believe that it will be much liked, we already see our fans enjoying the songs very much. It’s trying to give them the full joy of real original music in the respective genres, not banal cliches or latest modern tunes.”

Initially, Storm was trying to appeal to the commercial side of music, but has now moved past that and is fully embracing the heavier music their audience knows them best for. “Here I Am” is one of the band’s favourites and they are ecstatic to finally be releasing it.

Galvanized by ambition and a desire to pave their own way, Alexander Mladenov (drums, vocals), Mihail Bonev (bass, vocals) started Storm after leaving Atlantic in 2018, they recruited Nikolay Mihaylov (guitar). Fans can expect at least three brand new original songs coming down the pipe, along with two covers of Atlantic songs.

With its promising intro and inspiring riffs, the powerful “Here I Am” is recommended for fans of Helloween, Blind Guardian, and Angra. “Here I Am” is now available as of May 28, 2021 and can be heard on the following platforms:

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