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  • Jason Hesley

Building Prisons: Crafting Rhythmic Journeys in Metal with "Cantaor"

In the ever-evolving landscape of metal music, Irish band Building Prisons stands out with their latest release, "Cantaor." This instrumental track, a fusion of progressive metal with flamenco rhythms, showcases the band's unique approach to music. Composed of Peter Denton and Rory Mc Donagh on guitars, Johno Leader on bass, and Paddy Fitzhenry on drums, Building Prisons has carved a niche in the genre, blending intensity and rhythm in a way that is both innovative and captivating.

"Cantaor" began as a simple chord progression used by Peter Denton for warm-ups, evolving into an arpeggio-based riff with contributions from each band member. "We wanted something with a Brazilian samba feel," explains Rory Mc Donagh. "Something that, when we played it live, people would feel the urge to dance along! Samba and Flamenco both have that pulse and feel that inherently forces you to move along whether it's tapping your foot, nodding your head or even whipping out a full-on dad at a wedding dance! We wanted something that would make people feel that way whilst also staying riff heavy and loud!"

The band's approach to songwriting, especially for instrumental tracks like "Cantaor," is rooted in experimentation and feel. "It's normally just jamming through different riffs or pieces of music that we have, until a song starts taking shape and feels good to play," says Mc Donagh. This organic process allows Building Prisons to tell stories through music without the need for words, a challenge they embrace with each composition.

Building Prisons' influences, including bands like "This Will Destroy You" and "Russian Circles," play a significant role in their sound. However, they are not limited to these inspirations. Mc Donagh notes, "We all listen to a lot of different music styles and tastes... We are an instrumental rock/metal band, yes, but with varied influences, Maybeshewill, Breed 77, Reuben, Killswitch Engage, etc."

With "Cantaor," Building Prisons has set the bar high for what fans can expect next. While there are no immediate plans for shows, the band is focused on releasing new material as singles in the coming months, exploring various styles. This approach keeps their music fresh for listeners and interesting for the band members themselves.

"Cantaor," recorded at Leader Sound Productions by Johno Leader, exemplifies Building Prisons' commitment to quality and their distinctive style. The track represents a fresh convergence of styles, blending the intensity of metal with the rhythmic allure of flamenco, offering a unique listening experience that resonates with fans of traditional metal and those seeking something new.

As Building Prisons continues to push the boundaries of metal music, they invite listeners to join them on a journey of rhythmic exploration. With "Cantaor," they prove that the power of instrumental music lies not just in its loudness but in its ability to move people, both physically and emotionally.

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