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  • Jason Hesley

Broken Pillars’ Responds to Hellenic Black Metal in Debut EP ‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’

Iran’s epic metal duo Broken Pillars released its debut EP ‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’ via Ardawahisht Kollektive on September 8.

Broken Pillars is a Persian epic metal duo consisting of ‘Harpag Karnik’ and ‘Earthen Shade’, both members of the prolific Iranian digital label ‘Ardawahisht Kollective’. The pair is the mastermind behind the label’s other projects such as ‘Erancnoir’, ‘Forelunar’, ‘Urnscent’, ‘Désespéré’, etc. ‘Broken Pillars’ an entity, born in mid-2023, tries to channel the ancient landscapes and epic myths of Iran into the sonic vessel of epic extreme metal.

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