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  • Jason Hesley

Brazilian Progressive Death Metal Act ABSTRACTED Unveil New Music Video for “Wither to Dust”

The Brazilian progressive death metal act ABSTRACTED – whose sound blends the blistering technicality of acts such as Obscura and Necrophagist with moments evoking the progressive side of bands such as Opeth and The Faceless – have unveiled a new music video for their song “Wither to Dust” from their latest album, Atma Conflux. The new video can be viewed HERE.

"The 'Wither to Dust' video shows a little about Atma Conflux's lore," explains singer Rosano Matiussi. "We have this story about a man, who is the main character of our album, who after murdering his wife in a fire that he caused (unintentionally) gets into a battle between good and evil. He has the visualization of two tulpas (a being that is created in imagination through spiritual and mental power in Tibetan Buddhism). The tulpas represent good and evil, good being the solar tulp while bad is represented as the lunar tulpa. They follow him through his mental suffering and guide him through his redemption, where he's comforted by the solar tulpa and gets his retrieval.

We shot the story part at our drummer's house, and the band part at a hall in Cotia, a small city near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Movilabe was the team that recorded all the scenes, and they put special attention on choosing the correct camera and gear to get the best result for our idea. We hope everyone enjoys the video and gets more into the Atma Conflux storyline."

ABSTRACTED took their name from a song by Swedish melodic death metal greats Scar Symmetry. Influences from other European acts such as Gojira and Edge of Sanity, American bands such as Allegaeon and Between The Buried And Me, and genre giants such as Death and Coroner all formed the basis for the sound that the band explored on their thrilling 2015 debut EP, Ophidian. The group continued to build their name in the years that followed while balancing scholastic pursuits with live appearances on festivals throughout their native country.

ABSTRACTED began working on their debut full-length, Atma Conflux with continued writing, crafting, and producing the record throughout 2019 and 2020. The new album sees the group integrating synthesizers and orchestral keyboards into their already-expansive sound. Previous videos from Atma Conflux were revealed earlier this year including Between Samsara and Samadhi and Decree of Sunlight(featuring guest vocals by Mike Semesky (Raunchy, Interloper)) .

Atma Conflux is available in stores, online or order direct HERE.

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