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  • Jason Hesley

Brazilian Melodic Death Metal Group ELDERMOON Joins Sliptrick!

Eldermoon are a melodic death metal Brazilian band characterized by crossing the paths of heavy metal and metalcore. Vocals, ranging from guttural to melodic mix with music highlighting bass and drums with insane, wild riffs. The band was formed in the Brazilian city of Curitiba in 2019.

The first EP, entitled We Are Lost No More, was released in 2021, with 4 songs and 3 music videos. In 2022, the band released their new EP, Vita | Mortem, with 4 songs and 2 music videoswhich sought to insert Eldermoon even more into the international metal scene and industry.

The band are preparing their new album to be released in 2024 via Sliptrick Records. Called Egregora, it's set to brand their presence in the metal scene.

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