• Jason Hesley


Post-hardcore outfit Boy Becomes Hero is excited to share their new single "Abscond" which features Jonathan Gering of The Devil Wears Prada, premiering today exclusively with mxdwn. The track is taken from the band's upcoming sophomore record Escape Artist, due for a September 25th release.

"'Abscond' is a beautiful instrumental song that makes a musical transition between songs in Escape Artist. It allows the listener to continue envisioning the concept as the album while our protagonists make their way from dark to light," Boy Becomes Hero shares on the new single. "'Abscond' and a few other tracks are VERY different [compared to the rest of Escape Artist]! I had a similar approach with the last album, but I think we really found the right sound this time. The rest of the album is extremely heavy and is really kind of a horror album. Tracks like 'Abscond' allow the listener a little bit of a break from the unrelenting heaviness in the core tracks of the album. They also allow the listener to get an amazing sense of what's happening in the concept. I decided to release this track ahead of the album for a couple of different reasons. One is that we don't want to give everything away in the singles... there's a lot of surprise coming. The second is that I think it really shows a lot of the maturity in this album and the diversity that it holds."

Fans can pre-save "Abscond" now at

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