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  • Jason Hesley

BOSPARANS FALL: "Götterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten" will be released on May 26!

The upcoming album by the German RPG melodic death metallers BOSPARANS FALL is entering the home stretch. The album will be called "Götterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten" and will be released on May 26 via Black Sunset/MDD. The album tells the first part of a trilogy story about the warrior Alrik Immerda, who, 1019 years after the battle on Bosparan's battlements, is drawn into the preparations for the ancient rituals that have been going on for almost two decades. Role-playing game fans should already be alerted to the band's name, for the whole thing is actually set in Aventuria, a fantasy world from the German Pen&Paper role-playing game "Das Schwarze Auge". Musically, 10 tracks of predominantly melodic death metal await you, but they don't stop at bordering extreme metal genres either. Be prepared!

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