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  • Jason Hesley

Bog Wizard/ Froglord to release collaborative concept split, A Frog in the Bog!

A Frog in the Bog is a collaborative concept split album. What that means is that this split has been written from the ground up to tell a cohesive story. Both halves of the split feature shared vocal parts between the bands, in the conclusionary tracks.

Bog Wizard and Froglord are both very narratively driven bands, telling tale of their respective characters. The Froglord is a god-like swamp dwelling being with a congregation of worshippers and followers. The Bog Wizard is an angry hermit wizard whos only preferred company is the creatures he summons to do his bidding, and he’s highly protective of his territory.

A Frog in the Bog tells the story of their fateful meeting, as the Froglord encroaches into the Bog Wizard’s well-guarded territory with his congregation, from each of their unique perspectives. It describes the Bog Wizard’s anger as he realizes this being has intruded on his land, the curiosity of the Froglord as to who and what lies in the swamp, their ultimate battle, and face to face meeting. Who will win?

Track Listing for A Frog in the Bog:

1. Bog Wizard - Reptilian Death Squad (8:12)

2. Bog Wizard - The Frog Lord, feat Froglord (12:21)

3. Froglord - The Bog (5:27)

4. Froglord - The Wizard (5:34)

5. Froglord - The Bog Wizard, feat Bog Wizard (5:35)

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