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  • Jason Hesley

Bludgeoned to release "Summary Execution" on feb. 10th!

Justice lies maimed and torn, trampled beneath the fervour of those desperate to brand themselves as faithful. Belief dismembers truth, while in the shadows sadism and perversion cloak themselves in the robes of righteousness. A spiteful hunger for blood and the primitive thrill ignited by the gleam of the axe leap from heart to heart like wildfire and they scream out for killing, for torture and destruction; howling in lawless lust for summary execution...

Born into the gore-choked slurry of the extreme metal underground in 2018, Bludgeoned were brought together by a shared dedication to sonic brutality and a determination to create music that pushed every needle deep into the red. With each song they wrote the Bludgeoned sound just became heavier, more destructive and more shockingly violent. In late November of 2021 they streamed their first collection of material on Slam Worldwide – a furious assault of blast beats and bone-crunching riffs, topped by the larynx-ripping vocals of experienced front man Jonathan Huber (I Declare War, Pathology, Whitechapel etc). That stream brought high praise from the likes of Matti Way (Abominable Putridity, Disgorge etc) and caught the ear of Constantine Chevardin from Russian slam beasts Traumatomy, who immediately offered to give a full, physical release to the Summary Execution EP on his renowned Vile Tapes label. Summary Execution is fully deserving of its worldwide release as tracks like ‘Circadian Servitude’ are daunting in their sheer velocity and power. Vast grooves collide with uncontrolled savagery and immediately memorable hooks are embedded deep into the raw flesh of each extravagantly extreme track. Thrillingly bestial, Bludgeoned’s Summary Execution is a master class in awe-inspiring devastation.

On February 10th Vile Tapes will release Summary Execution on jewel case CD, digi-pack CD and black and bronze cassettes, with an array of supporting merch and exclusive bundles. This explosive and superbly crafted outpouring of brutal death metal marks the beginning of Bludgeoned’s ascent through the ranks of the genre, but also stands as a landmark release in its own right. No trial, no debate, no reprieve – get ready to face your Summary Execution!

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