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  • Jason Hesley

Blestemat release "Poisonous Metal"

Sweden’s Blestemat is a conduit for an inescapable darkness, a black void that both consumes and enlightens. The project’s debut EP, “Poisonous Metal”, is not just music; it’s an existential force, a commemoration of the relentless spirit of black metal.


“Poisonous Metal” is a homage to the black metal renaissance of the 2000s, the so-called orthodox current – resonating with the spirit of notable acts like Malign, Watain, and Ofermod. But this is more than a mere tribute; it’s a continuation of a lineage from which younger artists might draw inspiration. Blestemat seeks not just to participate in the narrative but to become a foundational element, offering a palette of sinister profundity for others to interpret.

The EP stands as a testament to the band’s philosophy: black metal is not a genre for discussions or earthly concerns. It’s a primal force, a clarion call to those who stand in opposition to the very fabric of the universe. Blestemat delves beyond mere nihilism, transcending apathy to actively challenge the essence of creation. It’s an artistic insurgency against all that is bright and burgeoning.

Carl commented:

While the “Poisonous Metal” EP stands as a reverent acknowledgement of the genre’s brightest lodestars, what comes after is for the world to discover. A full-length album has already been written and will be recorded during the spring of 2024. My plan to forge onwards with the darkness remains intact. Blestemat will offer black metal; nothing more, nothing less.

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