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  • Jason Hesley

Blackened melodic death metal band BLEAK SANCTUARY to release debut album 'THE DARK NIGHT OF SOUL'

German based melodic death metal band BLEAK SANCTUARY are set to release their debut album, “THE DARK NIGHT OF SOUL,” a cathartic musical opus that brings out the best of the genre while adding unique twists and elements that defy categorization.  Atmospheres that are both beautiful and bleak swirl together among Gothic and blackened elements to create an album that is as unconventional as it is memorable. 

BLEAK SANCTUARY was initially formed as a scream out to the world by Brazilian-American Dacian The Wanderer.  Born in Brazil but raised in America, Dacian used his dark and lonely experience of being diagnosed with a chronic illness during the pandemic to become the catalyst for BLEAK SANCTUARY.  After relocating to Germany, the project came to full fruition when he met Leo the Restless, Vígny the Protector and Velrin the Hermit.  

Although truly an album taking shelter within ebony archways , “THE DARK NIGHT OF SOUL” faces hopelessness and despair head on by presenting itself as a means of catharsis, converting the weight of burdens into passion and conviction that healing is attainable.

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