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  • Jason Hesley

Blackened folk metal band BERGSVRIDEN release new EP ‘URÅLDRAD’

Swedish blackened folk metal band BERGSVRIDEN release a grimy, horrifying concoction of black metal and Scandinavian folklore with their latest release, the ‘URÅLDRAD' EP. The six tracks combine eerie and disturbing yet lush folk storytelling with the grim and frostbitten aggressiveness of old school black metal. 

BERGSVRIDEN was formed in 2013 by Anton "Trollmania" Tordås. The band's name is a combination of the words  “Berg”- a mountain, and “Vriden” – which means something like “twisted/grotesque/insane”.  ‘URÅLDRAD’ is their second EP and the follow up to their third album, ‘Gastkramad’ released in 2022. 

‘URÅLDRAD’ is dedicated to the ways of the ancient forest and its creatures, where the band has its roots.  Their blend of the ancient ways of old and the arcane power of blackened extremity is also inspired by myths, legends, authors, and illustrations by artists like John Bauer. 

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