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  • Jason Hesley

Blackened Death Metallers HATH Releasing 'All That Was Promised' on Willowtip in March

New Jersey's Blackened Death Metal juggernaut HATH will release sophomore full-length album All That Was Promised March 4 on Willowtip Records. The official video for the album's first single, "Kenosis," which was shot/edited by Eric DiCarlo of SquareUp Studios.

All That Was Promised follows the 2019 critically acclaimed Willowtip album

Of Rot and Ruin. The band released the following statement concerning the new album:

"All That Was Promised was our first time writing as a 4-piece, and we feel like we've further developed who we are as a band. We set out to expand on what we did on our previous releases, experimenting with more varied sounds and new ideas, but we wanted this record to be more direct and cohesive. In the end, we ended up with an album that's darker and more punishing than we expected.

It's important to us to grow and learn, but without losing sight of what we do best. The content on this album is more personal and introspective, with songs about enduring change and all the promises made to us in life, broken and otherwise."

PRE-ORDERS (NOTE: Links become active on Friday, December 3):



Track Listing:

1. The Million Violations

2. Kenosis

3. Lithopaedic

4. Iosis

5. Decollation

6. Death Complex

7. Casting of the Self

8. All That Was Promised

9. Name Them Yet Build No Monument

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