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  • Jason Hesley

Black Void Cult's sophomore album "...EVEN THE STARS HAVE TO DIE", marks an evolution in sound.

Black Void Cult, birthed from the creative prowess of Nihblökk in 2017, embarked on a musical odyssey that led to the well-received debut, "Dysphoria". Joined by Fernando León and later by Moctte Zumma for vocals, the band crafted an impactful introduction to the underground world. With their sophomore release, "...EVEN THE STARS HAVE TO DIE", Black Void Cult introduces Jesús Romero on drums and aims to expand their sonic horizons to reach a wider audience. The album signifies growth, evolution, and the timeless craft of melding harmonies and rhythms. Fans can anticipate a polished, mature sound, a testament to the synergy of the band's talents.

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