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  • Jason Hesley

Black Absinthe to release "On Earth or In Hell" on Sept. 28th!

BLACK ABSINTHE are preparing to unveil their first single and title track from their upcoming album on September 28, 2023. The riff-fuelled offering, "On Earth or In Hell", condemns the lies and denial of our nation’s genocidal past. Sonic rage and disgust fuel the track’s fire with hope that the crimes of church and country are never forgotten. BLACK ABSINTHE Comments: "The largest, loudest expression of BLACK ABSINTHE’s upcoming album, ‘On Earth Or in Hell’, sets a more serious tone, casting the good time party anthems aside for our latest release.

Our blend of Thrash and N.W.O.B.H.M came together for this song. A distinct Black and Death metal twin vocal attack, of Jack Cerre (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Fernando Villalobos (Drums and Vocals) drive the aggressive melody. The lyrics (written by Fernando) came to the band in full, a sharp, and poignant reaction to the shocking revelations of our country’s past. The razor's edge of the verses pound with double kick and snarling guitar tone. The soaring lead guitar (Jack) uplifts the listener from the onset, and slams them back down to earth following the ripping solo section. The rock solid rhythm of Kyle Scarlett (Bass) carries the solo section with an aggressive tone, utilizing a stripped down approach, reflective of a true power trio sound found throughout the record.

This album is unique in its character because of our new line up, with a visionary team of producers and artists, all working in collaboration.” BLACK ABSINTHE are preparing to unveil their first single and title track from their upcoming album with a charity show in support of the IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society) at the Doors Pub Hamilton on September 29th, 2023." Beginning with a sense of foreboding anticipation, multiple guitar leads weave together in the intriguing introduction before emerging into the first verse. "On Earth or In Hell" is a brutal onslaught of rhythmic delights, fast-paced percussion and demonic harsh vocals. The track ebbs and flows between guitar-driven sections, changes in power dynamics and technical intricacies that manifest across the different instrumental parts. Fuelled with the fire of historical injustice, lyrically BLACK ABSINTHE tackle their dark narrative head on with a vicious and heavy accompaniment.

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